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Daytona Bike Week

March 24, 2011

Yes, I have a brother and he really talks and writes like this.

The following conversation via email:

JE: Gotta testymoanial fer ya…..I can shake your hand but I can’t turn a door knob. Rode the Harley to Daytona and back. Started getting cramps at the neck shoulder junction. Neck / shoulder stretches dint do nuthin. By accident I found that stretching the white side of my forearm cleared it all up. Who’d a thunk it!

Now fer a ?. Got back and went to work. Found that I could squezze big things but small motor function was shot. Weak as a kitten. Couldn’t screw a screw, turn a knob, could barely write, couldn’t even take the gas cap off. As last week wore on, the weakness has faded somewhat, but I still have trouble time to time. I’ve stretched everything I can find but the prob persists. ‘Sup widdat? Sister Laura (also a therapist) says my flexors are #$%&$, but to ask you cause yer a dang jeanyus.

Bobby: Laura, I agree with flexors. Especially if it’s both hands. If only right hand look at extensors for throttle……wrist extensors. Supinator and digitorum below lat condyle. If only right look at radial nerve irritation …anywhere from scalene to wrist. Include stretching the forearm flexors and neck at the same time. Possible diaphragm from riding so long causin scalene to work overtime breathing. Possible that vibration caused ulnar nerve irritation. Possible that the forward flexed posture of riding served to develop trigger points in your medial rotators, thus referring to your hand.

… reach behind you like your getting something out of the back seat. Put your palm flat on the wall. Turn to the opposite side and look over opposite shoulder as if to look in your back pocket. Yeah, that felt good dinnit? Hold that stretch for several seconds, come out of it then do it again. Repeat until fine motor function returns.

JE: Wow. You were right Laura, he are a geenyus. Just lookit all them fancy words. I’ll bet he even knows what they mean too. But that stretchy thing pulled all kinda thangs in my fingers forearm and neck. Dunno how I missed all of them, but I know whar they at now by golly! Ya’ll rekun doing that afore and after each ride will handle thangs? Or more oftener?

Bobby: Stretch before you ride. Stretch after you ride. If you take breaks, stretch while on break. If your not planning on taking breaks, then TAKE a break to stretch.

JE: Sounds doable. If ridin by myself the breaks are when I feel like it. In a gaggle of bikes, the breaks are when the lead guy breaks or the smallest bike runs outta gas. For some reason that always seems to be way after I’m ready to break. Oh well, thats life in a society I guess. Druther be a nomad searching for some place to pillage and wimmen to dominate.

You gotta git a bike so we can go do $*%@. Thanks Bro Feel better already!



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  1. Mary Jane Bannister permalink

    I love my brothers.

    And I think you're BOTH "jeanyusses".
    No, I KNOW you are.

    I'm impressed that Bobby didn't correct Joe's on-purpose spelling errors. That's true brotherly love right there.

    As an English teacher, I don't know if I would have had the fortitude to leave it be. I might have been able to if I kept telling myself I was reading Mark Twain, whose colloquial writing I love.

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