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A Golfer’s Dilemma

April 11, 2011

I recently worked on a 60 year old gentleman, daily golfer, complaining of pain in his ribs, shoulder, elbow, forearm, hand and index finger. His index finger bothered him the most as it constantly popped (trigger tendon) and affected his grip and swing.

I began working on the larger muscle groups that affected his ribs. Working across his back to his side I found fascial adhesions, very tender, that restricted his backswing and follow through. Releasing theses adhesions on his larger back muscle, Latissimus Dorsi, and abdomen, External Oblique, corrected this for him. A specific stretch before and after a day of golf maintained his improved swing and follow through.

While working this area I found trigger points that referred pain to his elbow, hand and wrist. This didn’t totally ease his pain but it did diminish it. So, I looked at his rotator cuff muscles on the same side. Again I found trigger points in his Infraspinatus muscle that referred pain to his shoulder and his elbow, also alleviating his pain.

I then worked down his arm to his biceps, and other elbow flexors. You guessed it. The trigger point discovered there referred pain to the rest of his wrist and finger. He was 75% better after the first treatment.

He returned the same week. We did the same treatments. We added specific treatment on the forearm, his wrist and finger extensors. No more pain. I taught him some stretches to do before he teed off and upon completing 18-27 holes (walking of course).

He is able to maintain his improved grip, swing and game with the warm up stretches and finishing stretches.

He didn’t have to quit playing.





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